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Android Application To Record Screen - AZ Screen Recorder Apk

For those of you who often use Android to play games or to make Android Tutorials usually you will save the images through a Screen Capture (Photos Screen Android) to serve as a visual media materials in order to demonstrate your Android screen images to others. You can share the results with the show directly to friends or publish to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, blog etc.

Possible to take a picture or screen capture on the android would have been able to because the application has been provided by the factory suits smartphone you have, its use is also very easy. But to record video in android screen there are two ways that are often done by the Android user.

How to record the first android is another android using to record video directly from your Android screen that you want to record, this method is also called the manual way. For the second way is to record video on a screen android with an application that is commonly called the Screen Recorder. On the Android app to record the screen there are two types, namely Record Screen Android Root and without root.

To Screen android root is typically used on Android which has low system specs to better support when recording the screen on android. As for screen recording without root android app you can use Screen Recorder apk android AZ proven smoothly and produce quality video and sound are very nice and professional look.

AZ Screen Recorder App is often used to record the screen while playing games Android Smartphone and usually for public display. Android Apps screen recorder is also very good for use as a medium of making android tutorial to ease the reader understand tutorial given.

Android Specifications For Running AZ Screen Recorder :
Android = Version 5.0 and Higher
Size = 4.6 MB
Type = Offline Media Android Application Screen Recorder

Download Application Screen Recorder apk AZ (Free)
| Download apk (Direct Link) | Download apk (Play Store / Last Version) |

Thus android applications AZ Screen Recorder that we can share today. To get a free Android app Recent please visit our other Android app If you have difficulty to install an application you can leave comments on this article. You can also contact Admin Aziu Blog if you want to order or submit an application or a game that you create reports that there is a dead link or a bug on this website. Thank you for your visit fullapkz website. Stay tuned to our post for the latest information regarding Android.

Saga Go Apk - Free Download Android Game

Saga Go apk

Saga Go apk is Android Game with genre MMORPG from 4399enGame Developer, this Android RPG is different from other RPG Game. Saga Go gave unique character, Player use Anime character to play this game .

You will be The Choosen One, did you remember Dark Souls? funny right . Nope but this different game . The Whole World Coverd by a Drakness Power and Evil monster, you will be The Choosen that will release this World from a Doom . You have Great combat abilities and more than 30 adorable funny pets enable you to against and defeat the Evil Demon King.
Take your sword and mow down the beasts.

- Full Color and have a great graphic with explodes efect skill
- Incredible adventure, that will make your time will make you get great Experience in Adventure Android Mobile.

- Melee or Magician have different unique skill
- Different effect and DMG buff that will make visual effect look so great

- Over 20 mounts and 30 kind of pets are in Saga Go!
- Get extra battle power with Evolve pets or mounts into mega forms. 
- They are your battle partners. you can even use pet skill with pets in battle. 

- Against players from all over the world get Experience explosive PvP battles Saga Go .
- Be the king in Arena with 1V1, 2V2 or even 15V15 modes enable you to train your combat skills !

- The strongest Arena and battlefield .
- To strengthen your selves, Join Adventure map, Warrior Tower and more special Gold & EXP Quests to gain materials 

- VIP for you. Creating your role in game, 
- Get experience the privileges including special costume, special mount, auto fighting and more.

- Added to our costume system, 3D-Avatar technology .
- Be stronger in game with More than 20 marvelous costume and wings .

Lest Complete quests Saga Go to win a mountain of treasure, gear and accessories on your quest to become the best ultimate warrior on Saga Go RPG. Saga Go Team are stand by for providing your the best game experience! Join the battle Saga Go now.

System Requirement Saga Go :
Android Version  =  4.0 And Up
Size                        = 34 MB
Game Type           = MMORPG Online

Free Download Android Game Saga Go Apk
| Download apk (Direct Link) | Download apk (Last Version/Play Store) |

How To Play Saga Go apk? 
1. Instal Game Saga Go Apk 
2. Wait for Downloading Data OBB Saga Go from Server .
3. Play and Enjoy the Game 

Free Download Saga Go Android Game

Download Saga Go Android Game App

That’s game Saga Go android that you can download free from this site . If you want to get other free apk and free android game just follow this Website to get more updated app . You can also ask apk or game android to published in this site , if you want submit your app just contact us . Thanks for always come to our site I hope this Game site help you find what you want now .

Indonesian Train Simulator apk - Free Download Android Game

Train Simulator Indonesia is another high quality train simulation game from stable cultured Interactive, creator of the mega-successful "Euro Train Simulator" and the path-breaking "Indian Train Simulator".

Free Download Train Game For Android

Train Simulator Indonesia has a "Track Change" and fully functional "Signalling System". The game offers a self-train environment where all trains coexist and operate like in the real world. Dynamic track-changing and sophisticated path selection system enables all the AI ​​train to work smarter without stepping on each other lane. Since the player will now depend entirely on the signal and lane changing switches, the path they take will be one among a series of exponential possibilities. This means they will find themselves stopping train them on one platform are available at each station.

"Drive" - ​​where players can design scenarios for their preferences
"Play Now" - the user will immediately start the simulation together with random preferences
"Career" - has a unique mission designed

Free Download Indonesian Train Simulator Android Game

  1. Track Changes: A song that change function has been implemented fully realized, for the first time in the simulator mobile cart.
  2. Signal: Train Sim Indonesia using a signal system that is fully functional. While waiting for the signal to turn green, the player will be able to see where the other trains are currently occupying their way.
  3. Message System in place to notify users of any activity that happens in the game, offering advice when deemed necessary for information about penalties and bonuses. Categories Speed, Station, Track Switching, Route, Signal.
  4. Some of the weather and time option.
  5. Passengers: Special attention has been given to make the passengers who look and dress like Indonesia.
  6. Stations: Station is designed to capture the feel of being in every train station Indonesia. From kiosks to billboards, extreme attention to detail.
  7. Type locomotives: GE U18C, GE U20C, GE CC206
  8. Type Coach: Passenger and Cargo coach
  9. The sound design has been carefully guarding the hustle and bustle of modern Indonesia in mind. Train sounds the best in class.
  10. Camera angle: some, interesting camera angles have been provided: Driver, Cabin, Overhead, Birds Eye, Reverse Signal, Orbit and Passenger.
  11. High quality graphics: The level of graphics has been pushed to a new level and anyone familiar with the route Indonesia will tell you how realistic design.
  12. Stations Available: Gambir, Karawang, Purwakarta, Bandung.

We already have a lot of new features are planned for future updates themselves, but feel free to suggest your own ideas in the comments section and get the most number of responses will be available soon.

If you have problems with the game, please do not hesitate to write to us and we assure you we will handle it in an update. You do not need to give a low rating to get our attention. As usual, we listened!

Game Train Simulator for Android Download

Free Download Game Android Indonesian Train Simulator apk

| Download Apk (Direct Link) | Download Apk (Last Version/Play Store) |

That’s game android Train Simulator apk that you can download free from this site . If you want to get other free apk and free android game just follow this Website to get more updated app . You can also ask apk or game android to published in this site , if you want submit your app just contact us . Thanks for always come to our site I hope this Game site help you find what you want now .

Not Golf Apk - Free Download Android Game

Download Not Golf Android Game

Not Golf is game with simple meode , only drag and shot but to win you need fast and be patient . Not Golf apk is a game created by Ronan Casey game Sport. Not Golf Android Game has been officially released in the Play Store. This game is designed with simple and has a simple way of game.

In terms of picture Not Golf game graphics are very simple and have a good 2D quality. The game easy: just drill and firing, Collect scores as high as possible up to the highest record among the other players.

This game is quite simple and simple but very exciting. For those of you who like to play casual games while filling spare time for refreshing, please try android game Not Golf. Feel the thrill of playing the Drag and Shot the target accurately.

System Requirement & App Info :
  • Android Version 4.0.3 And Up
  • Apk Size 27 MB
  • Free Android Game
  • Offline 

Not Golf Apk MOD Hack Cheat
Free Download Not Golf Game

Link Download Gratis Aplikasi Not Golf apk

 | Download Not Golf apk [Direct Link] | Download Not Golf apk [Mirror Link] |
| Download Not Golf apk [Alternative link] |

Download Not Golf apk  [Last Version/Updated Play Store] |

That’s game android Not Golf apk that you can download free from this site . If you want to get other free apk and free android game just follow this Website to get more updated app . You can also ask apk or game android to published in this site , if you want submit your app just contact us . Thanks for always come to our site I hope this Game site help you find what you want now .

How To Fix Italic Gameranger - Problem Solved 2016

Gameranger Italic Names, Gameranger Italic Name Problem, Gameranger Italic Name Fix, Italic Gameranger, Italic Gameranger Solution, Gameranger Italic Problem, Gameranger Italic Nickname, 
Gameranger Always Italic, Arreglar Italic Gameranger, Gameranger Aom Italic, Gameranger Italic Box, 

Italic Gameranger Fix

Easy Way Tutorial how to fix Gameranger Italic worked 100% . Game Ranger is a Game Online Hosting that lets you play over 600 games in free download for Mac and PC. Play online with friends and opponents worldwide via Internet Connection . GameRanger offers features like profiles, friends lists, instant messaging, in-game voice communication, and competitive ladders/rankings/ratings.

Created by Scott Kevill and opened to Mac gaming in 1999, GameRanger is the longest running multiplayer online gaming service on any platform. In 2008, GameRanger expanded into PC gaming receiving widespread enthusiasm and acclaim.

GameRanger Technologies is located in Perth, Australia.

Sometime when you login you will Find some Player who have a Black Box icon in right of username , It's called Italic Game Ranger . And most Player will Kick Italic Player from the game without explain what happend that make them kicked from any Room in Game Ranger . 

Italic GameRanger will kicked from any Room because Italic Player sometime make game cant be Played, Some time Stuck at Loading Multiplayer Mode, Someime Cant Start the Game . Bellow how you can detect who is Italic Player :
- Have a BlackBox Icon in right username (sometime not appear in other player screen)
- Nick Name not Appear when prepare to Start the game
- Game Aborted when Multiplayer Loading ( its say Unable to Join )
- Game Cant Start when Italic Player Join that Game (Its Say Cancle The Game... )

Solve Italic Gameranger Problem 2016 2017
Italic Gameranger (BlackBox Icon)

All the description above are the traits of Italic Player in Gameranger . Sometime Italic Player can play in the game . but commonly italic player make more problem . So You can see below how  to Fix Italic Balckbox Gameranger :

1. Turn off your windows Firewall

2. Download Hotspot Shield

3. Instal and Open Hotspot Shield

How to Fix Blackbox Gameranger Italic Problem

4. Try to Connect in Mexico Servers IP Addres

5. When you was conected Open Game Ranger
( If you cant join room with text Firewall Problem , Just change the Servers . )

6. And see how it will fix Your Italic Account in gameranger

Gameranger Italic Fix

If you hard to follow step above , you can see Video Tutorial bellow .

How to Fix Italic Gameranger 

Hope It's Help You Fix Game Ranger Italic Problem

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XMultiwindow SplitScreen Xposed - Menampilkan Layar Android Menjadi Dua Bagian dan Lebih

Bagi anda pengguna Cyanogen MOD di Galaxy Young GT-S5360 atau anda yang memiliki Device Android dengan versi ICS up anda dapat menggunakan metode berikut ini untuk Split Screen Multiwindow di Android anda . Atau bagi anda yang memiliki OS Android di bawah ICS anda dapat mengupgrade ke OS di atas ICS terlebih dahulu , Tentunya dengan Custom ROM yang cocok dengan Device Anda Masing-masing

XMultiwindow SplitScreen Xposed - Galaxy Young GT-S5360 (Gingerbread) CM11 KitKat

Pertama Anda harus Download bahanya dulu :

1. Multiwindow SplitScreen Xposed [Password : aziu]

Download Now (OneDrive) | Download Now (Direct Link) | 
| Download Now (Google Drive) | Download Now (Zippyshare) |

2. Root Explorer (Optitional/Recommended)

| Download Now (Last Version Play Store) |




Setelah Download Bahan di atas . Langsung saja menuju Tutorial SplitScreen Multiwindow Xposed Android :

1. Extract file "[Password; aziu] Multiwindow SplitScreen Xposed.rar" yang telah elu Download tadi . Password : aziu .

2. Setelah di Extract Instal file yang dibutuhkan : Xposed Installer GB apk, XHalo Floating apk, Multiwindow Slidebar apk, XMultiwindow apk . Untuk File lain yang tidak diinstall Anda bisa mencobanya sendiri nanti .

Xposed Installer GB apk, XHalo Floating apk, Multiwindow Slidebar apk, XMultiwindow apk
Dual Layar Android

3. Setelah selesai buka Xposed Installer yang telah anda instal di HH anda . Maka akan ada beberapa menu yang tampil . Pilih Modules Kemudian centang semua pilihan yang ada yaitu XhaloFloatingWindow dan XMultiWindow . Setelah selesai centang kembali ke menu utama Xposed Installer dan pilih menu Framework kemudian pilih Instal/Update .

Free Download Xposed Installer GB apk

4. Jika anda sudah pilih Instal/Update maka anda akan diminta akses Super User HH Anda pilih Allow . Jika berhasil maka anda akan diminta untuk Restart/Reboot HH anda . tapi jika gagal akan menujukan tulisan Failed...System/Bin/App_process... jika ini terjadi pilih OK Minimize Xposed Installer dan gunakan Root Explorer yang anda punya jika belum anda dapat Download dan Instal dari link yang telah saya berikan di atas . Buka Root Explorer apk masuk ke dalam Folder System/Bin dan ubah Permissionnya (Menu di Pojok Kanan Atas) dari R/O ke R/W .

Mode Dua Layar Android

5. Setelah mengubah Permission di Folder System/Bin/... menggunakan Root Explorer Minimize dengan menekan tombol Home dan kembali ke Xposed Installer dan pilih Instal Update , sekarang pastinya sudah berhasil . anda akan diminta untuk Reboot/Restart HH anda .

Mengatasi Xposed Installer GB Tidak Bisa dijalankan

6. Setelah berhasil Instal/Update Framework, Moduls di Xposed Installer dan telah Reboot/Restart HH anda . buka aplikasi XHaloFloatingWindow masuk Menu Moveable & Resizable dan pilih On . Setelah selesai setting XHaloFloatingWindow sekarang buka MultiWindowSlidebar .

Free Download Multiwindow SplitScreen

7. Pada menu MultiWindowSlidebar ada Setting 3 Pilihan yang harus diubah . dan satu menu Play yang digunakan setelah selesai setting 3 pilihan

  • 1 (Pertama), Drag Lauch Mode pilih XMultiwindow
    Ket : Menu untuk Mode Geser App dari Slidebar Multiwindow
  • 2 (Kedua), Tap Lunch Mode pilih XHaloFloatingWindow (Top)
    Ket: Menu ketika App di sentuh  
  • 3 (Ketiga), Select Apps pilih Aplikasi yang ingin dijalankan menggunakan Mode Multiwindow .
    Aplikasi yang ingin diaktifkan di Mode MultiWindow Split Screen

  • 4 (Terakhir),  Setelah anda selesai setting ketiga Menu MultiwindowSlidebar seperti yang telah saya contohkan, kembali kemenu Awal MultiWindow Slidebar dan pilih Tombol Play yang terletak di Pojok kanan atas untuk menjalankan Multiwindow Android .
Ket : Ketiga pilihan tersebut dapat anda setting dengan selera anda sendiri

Memisah Layar Android Menjadi Dua Bagian

8. Setelah anda jalankan maka akan ada menu di Kiri layar sebagai Tombol Navigasi Multiwindow Xposed Android . Untuk membuka menu anda tinggal sentuh tombol panahnya . dan untuk menutup atau menyembunyikan menu anda dapat sentuk kembali tombol panahnya .

XMultiWindow SplitScreen Xposed apk

9. Sekarang anda dapat mencoba menu tersebut dengan Menggeser Aplikasi dan Sentuh atau Pilih Aplikasi untuk melihat hasilnya yang telah anda tambahkan di Menu Multiwindow Slidebar.

Ket :
Menu yang saya berikan yaitu Menggeser Aplikasi untuk Mode SplitScreen. Sedangkan Sentuh atau Pilih Aplikasi untuk Windows Mode disini anda dapat Menggeser, Tarik , Memperkecil , Minimize Aplikasi sesuai keinginan anda .

Cara Dual Layar Tampilan Screen Android

Sekarang anda dapat membuka lebih dari satu aplikasi yang tampit tanpa menutupnya seperti di komputer. Mode Multiwindow SplitScreen Xposed ini dapat anda gunakan juga nutuk Main Game dengan Mode Window . Demikian Tutorial Cara Membelah layar Android Menjadi Dua Tampilan .

Posted By Aziu Zui : Update 30 April 2016

Manga Indonesia apk - Free Download Manga Android Reader

Baca Manga Bahasa Indonesia di Android . Temukan, membaca dan men-download ribuan lengan kanan pada perangkat merekaManga merupakan 

Aplikasi Baca Manga Android - Manga Indonesia App

Download Gratis Aplikasi Manga Indonesia Android

Download Manga Indonesia Android - Manga adalah komik yang dibuat oleh Jepang, dalam isinya berupa cerita dan gambar anime yang tersusun dengan sebuah cerita yang sudah dirancang. Pengarangnya sendiri disebut Mangaka. Manga memiliki tingkat gambar seni yang unik, Gambar tokoh animenya pun berbeda dengan Cartoon versi barat . Walaupun sama-sama jenis gambar visual tetapi sangat terlihat jelas perbedaan Gambar pada tokoh karakter yang dibuat .

Manga biasanya dibaca oleh para pelajar untuk menghibur diri dalam waktu luang dengan mengikuti sebuah cerita yang ditulis dalam Manga. Tidak hanya sebatas pelajar banyak juga orang dewasa yang sudah bekerja juga menyukai membaca manga . Selain dari gambar Animenya yang unik, manga juga biasanya mengedepankan Alur cerita yang menarik bagi pembaca agar dapat meninggalkan suatu kesan bagi pembaca manga .

Biasanya manga dibuat dalam sebuah Buku kecil dan disusun menjadi sebuah komik . Tetapi seiring perkembangan jaman manga juga disediakan dalam versi bentuk EBook/Pdf yang lebih memudahkan pembaca untuk membeli secara langsung tanpa harus susah payah membelinya di Tokoh Komik . Manga yang dibuat dalam bentuk aplikasi juga mulai banyak digunakan . Selain menghemat biaya pembuatan yang tidak mengunakan kertas dengan aplikasi juga membuat harga manga menjadi lebih murah dari biasanya .

Bagi anda yang ingin membaca manga dari Android anda dapat mencoba apkikasi berikut ini yaitu Manga Indonesia. Sebuah aplikasi android yang menyediakan Manga yang dapat dibaca melalui smartphone yang tentunya sudah di terjemahkan dalam Bahasa Indonesia untuk memudahkan pembaca memahami isi cerita yang diberikan oleh penulis manga .Bagaimana ? anda tertarik dengan aplikasi Manga Indonesia app Android yang satu ini ?

Download dan rasakan sensasi membaca manga di Android cepat, praktis dan tanpa repot .

System Requirement :
Android Versi 3.0 dan Lebih Tinggi
Online (Membutuhkan Koneksi Internet)

Baca Manga Bahasa IndonesiaDownload Manga Indonesia Android

Download Gratis Aplikasi Android Manga Indonesia apk

| Download apk ( Direct Link ) | Download apk ( Alternatif Link ) |
| Download apk (Updated/Last Version Play Store) |

Demikian Aplikasi Android Manga Indonesia apk yang dapat saya Share kali ini . Jika anda ingin mendownload aplikasi android lainya secara gratis anda bisa memperolehnya melaui klik Aplikasi Android . Anda juga dapat melihat dan Mendownload Game Android melalui Blog ini di Download Game Android Game apk . Terimaksih sudah mengunjungi blog ini . Jika ada pertanyaan anda dapat menghubungi Admin Blog aziuzui .

The Child Of Slendrina apk - Free Download Android Game

The Child Of Slendrina Android Game . Slendrina Ghost Android Game a new scary game is back . Slendrinas child has born and has become as evil as her mother. So you must be so careful when you are running around in the cellar corridors. You also must be prepare meet Slendrinas father to. You should run and turn when ou meet him.

Download and Play Game The Child Of Slendrina Android

The Child Of Slendrina Hack Cheat MOD

Download The Child Of Slendrina app . Try to find 8 pieces of a key. Once you have find all the pieces, you must open the safe which is in the cellar. scary Android game . Inside the safe there is a secret that you should take with you out of that house.

You also need to find keys to open certain doors and health injections that give you a little more health when you have been injured. If you like horror android game Slendrina the Cellar, House of Slendrina and like Slendrina Asylum, then you will love this new horror The Child Of Slendrina game.

horror game that will challenge your courage to confront the evil ghost. Are you going to run or be prepared to confront the ghosts that will scare you. Are you ready for adventure in horror scary android game.

prepare yourself to be ready shocked when playing a ghost in your android. invite your friends to play this game, see the faces of your friends while playing this game. would certainly look very tense.
System Requirement :
Android Versi 2.3.3 and up
Offline (No Need Internet Conection)

Download The Child Of Slendrina

The Child Of Slendrina

Download Game Android The Child Of Slendrina apk

| Download apk (Dirrect Link) | 
| Download apk (Lastest Version/Updated Play Store) |

This Android game that I can share. To get the other free Android Games please click Here . If you have difficulty to install an application you can leave comments on this article . You can also contact Admin Aziu Blog if you want to order the game or reports that there is a dead link . Thank you for your visit aziu blog . Stay tuned to our post for the latest information regarding Android .